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Skybridge Skills enables communities to institute a practice of recognition that makes emerging skills visible and developing skills celebrated.

"Recognition builds a community and helps it understand itself"

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Nate Otto Founder

Built with ORCA

Skybridge Skills is the author of the Open Recognition Community App, new federated infrastructure for the Open Badges ecosystem.

A data pod for each community

Every community has its own space for recognition, where its achievements make up the community DNA.

Years of experience with Open Badges

ORCA was built by digital credentials leaders and experts, using the latest standards: Open Badges 3.0, Verifiable Credentials, and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

Open source release December 2023

We believe that recognition should be open to everybody, so we're making our software open source. Join us at ePIC for the launch.

Turnkey hosted solutions

Join an existing community or start a new one on our hosted environments in minutes. No technical skills required. Free forever with premium integrations available.

An empty picture frame stands in the woods. The viewer is invited to imagine what their community could be.

Imagine your community empowered with recognition.

A community sponsor creates a community ORCA pod on Skybridge Skills and invites members to join. Admins create achievements and define how they may be claimed.

Some achievements represent skills, others might recognize roles in the community. Members claim achievements by providing evidence of their skills or roles. Reviewers may approve claims.

New achievements and members are added as the community grows.

Who is Skybridge Skills for?

Employers: implement and improve upskilling on the job. Stay in touch with the skills that are in demand in your industry, and create opportunities for your employees to level up and receive recognition.

Nontraditional education programs: recognize the learning that happens in your space and help your learners showcase their achievements to get hired or make new connections using verifiable digital badges.

Sports teams and social clubs: Incentivize and reward participation and accomplishments within the community. Build cohesion by building a recognition practice that reinforces your shared values and commitments.

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  • Custom achievements
  • Open Badges 3.0 & 2.0
  • LinkedIn sharing
  • Self-claiming workflows
  • Peer endorsements and reviews
  • Custom reviewer qualifications
  • Community directory

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